Practical Algebra, 2d Course by Jos. V. Collins, Book 2

Front Cover
American book Company, 1911 - Algebra - 303 pages
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Page 41 - The square of the sum of two quantities is equal to the square of the first, plus twice the product of the first by the second, plus the square of the second.
Page 28 - Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
Page 150 - Multiply both numerator and denominator of the fraction by such a quantity as will make the denominator a perfect power of the same degree as the radical; Proceed as in Art.
Page 27 - An angle formed by two chords intersecting within a circle is measured by one-half the sum of the intercepted arcs.
Page 246 - My lord, I have undertaken this long journey purposely to see your person, and to know by what engine of wit or ingenuity you came first to think of this most excellent help into astronomy, viz. the logarithms ; but, my lord, being by you found out, I wonder nobody else found it out before, when now known it is so easy.
Page 26 - The angles opposite the equal sides of an isosceles triangle are equal, and, conversely, in any triangle, the sides opposite two equal angles are equal.
Page 209 - The first and fourth terms of a proportion are called the extremes, and the second and third terms, the means. Thus, in the foregoing proportion, 8 and 3 are the extremes and 4 and 6 are the means.
Page 27 - The angle bisector of a triangle divides the opposite side into segments which are proportional to the other two sides. Given in A ABC, BD bisecting Z ABC.

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