Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry and Building: A General Reference Work...

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American school of correspondence, 1907 - Architecture
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Page 329 - With this point as a center and with a radius equal to one-half the width of the pediment, draw a semi-circle below the pediment as shown in the figure. This LEVATION- ' -SECTION tARCHED - DOORWAY PLATE XXII. semi-circle intersects the axis of the pediment at the point B. With B as a center and with a radius equal to the distance from B to C (the extreme outside point of the horizontal cornice) draw an arc above the cornice. The point D, in which this arc intersects the axis, will be the highest...
Page 246 - Roman work, and each of these orders was intended to become a "type-form," or composite of the best features of the varying ancient examples. They are, therefore, more distinctively products of the Renaissance and might more appropriately be termed the Renaissance Classic orders, but in contradistinction to the still earlier and radically different creations of artistic Greek -workmen, these examples are known as the Roman orders. Indeed, however much they may differ in detail from the Roman originals,...
Page 18 - ... between the end of one line and the beginning of the next. The wrist movement produces a longer line and is used • naturally to make horizontal lines.
Page 4 - A Treatise on Concrete, Plain and Reinforced." Authorities Consulted — Continued AW BUEL and CS HILL Joint Authors of "Reinforced Concrete.
Page 173 - Fig. 1. 5. >Shadow: When a surface is in light and an object is placed between it and the source of light, intercepting thereby some of the rays, that portion of the surface from which light is thus excluded is said to be in shadow. 6. In actual practice distinction is seldom made between these terms "shade...
Page 2 - E. KNOX, EE Consulting Electrical Engineer. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOHN H. JALLINGS Mechanical Engineer. FRANK A. BOURNE, SM, AAIA Architect, Boston. Special Librarian, Department of Fine Arts, Public Library, Boston. ALFRED S. JOHNSON, Ph. D. Formerly Editor " The Technical World Magazine," GILBERT TOWNSEND, SB With Ross & McFarlane, Montreal.
Page 2 - Formerly Editor of Textbook Department. American School of Correspondence. HENRY M. HYDE Author, and Editor "The Technical World Magazine." CHAS. L. HUBBARD, SB, ME Consulting Engineer on Heating, Ventilating, Lighting, and Power. Formerly with S. Homer Woodbridge Co. Authors and Collaborators— Continued FRANK CHOUTEAU BROWN Architect, Boston. Author of
Page 317 - Fig. 16. 100. The channels of the Corinthian column are twenty-four in number. The width of the fillet which separates them is onethird of the channel width. The width of a pier of the arcade is equal to the width of a column plus two archivolts which is eightyfour parts. 101. The Corinthian pilaster and column relation is shown in Fig. 15: the pilaster width at the base is thirty-nine; at the 55 ORDER Fig.
Page 147 - VH,) may now be assumed, and the 0--, perspective plan of the object constructed from the given plan, exactly as was done in the case of the rectangular card in Fig. 27. 110. Having constructed the complete perspective plan, every point in the perspective projection of the object will be found vertically above the corresponding point in the perspective plan. VH, is the vertical trace of the plane on which the perspective projection is supposed to rest.
Page 83 - Sf) actually converges towards dpbp in such a manner that if these two lines are produced they will actually meet at the perspective of the vanishing point of their system. NOTE. — It is...

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