The Gunner's Examiner

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Wiley, 1908 - Artillery, Coast - 206 pages

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Page 112 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 63 - waterproof hydraulic" packing and force it well to the bottom of the stuffing box by a wooden stick and mallet. Treat each layer of packing in a similar manner, being careful to break...
Page 67 - In cold weather it should be warmed before being applied to the bores of guns. In all cases it should be applied in a thin coat, since this is all that is necessary to give good protection. This oil can be readily removed by the use of burlap or waste dipped in kerosene oil. Lye dissolved in hot water and used while hot will also remove it, but not as satisfactorily as kerosene oil.
Page 12 - Engines, generators, transformers, storage batteries, and searchlights assigned to the company of which the candidate is a member 20 Operation of casemate apparatus and of telephones 20 Definitions CAD R 5 100 1 W &>' EXAMINATION FOR SPECIAL RATINGS.
Page 71 - Use the solution freshly mixed and apply to the parts where paint is to be removed with a brush or with waste tied to the end of a stick. When the solution begins to dry on the surface use a scraper to remove the old paint, and complete the cleaning of the surface with cloth and water.
Page 71 - ... the end of a stick. When the solution begins to dry on the surface use a scraper to remove the old paint and complete the cleaning of the surface with a mop and water. If one application is not sufficient to loosen the paint, apply a second coat. Before...
Page 100 - Middle the lashing and take a good turn round both legs, at the cross. Pass one end up and the other down, around and over the cross, until half of the lashing is expended. Then ride both ends back again on their own parts and knot them in the middle. Frap the first and riding turns together on each side with sennit. CHAPTER VIII.
Page 87 - ... take out the funnel and rod, lift up the bag and jerk it, so as to "set" the powder well down to the bottom and to open the bag;. then reinsert the funnel and rod as before, and continue the filling; choke the bag and cut off the superfluous choke.
Page 12 - ... explosives are used in mines? What are the important precautions to be taken in loading mines? How is frozen dynamite thawed? Where is the main supply of explosive kept, and how much is taken out at one time to the explosive house near the loading room? (c) Knowledge and use of azimuth Instruments and plotting board. Names of Important parts. Set up the instrument with given data. Read angles from instrument Act as observer. Act as reader. Describe a plotting board. Explain the method of computing...
Page 2 - ... 808. A candidate to be eligible for qualification as first-class gunner must have qualified previously as second-class gunner, though both qualifications may be made at the same examination. 809. The examination of gunner candidates will be held, as far as practicable, at such places as the material pertaining to the subject in hand is located, and will be made as practical as possible. In determining the qualifications of candidates, credit will be given for practical knowledge of subjects,...

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