The Elements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Common Schools: Also, Serving as an Introduction to the "Treatise on Algebra"

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D. Appleton & Company, 1856 - Algebra - 244 pages

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Page 39 - ... the first term of the quotient ; multiply the• divisor by this term, and subtract the product from the dividend. II. Then divide the first term of the remainder by the first term of the divisor, which gives the second term of the quotient ; multiply the divisor by this second term, and subtract the product from the result of the first operation. Continue the same process, and if you obtain 0 for a remainder, the division is said to be exact.
Page 69 - Prob. 34-. A farmer had two flocks of sheep, each containing the same number. Having sold from one of these 39, and from the other 93, he finds twice as many remaining in the one as in the other. How many did each flock originally contain 1 Prob.
Page 74 - Two persons, A and B, lay out equal sums of money in trade ; A gains $126, and B loses $87, and A's money is now double of B's : what did each lay out ? Ans. $300.
Page 102 - A cistern containing 210 buckets, may be filled by 2 pipes. By an experiment, in which the first was open 4, and the second 5 hours, 90 buckets of water were obtained. By another experiment, when the first was open 7, and the other 3 hours, 126 buckets were obtained. How many buckets does each pipe discharge in an hour ? Ans. The first pipe discharges 15, and the second pipe discharges 6 buckets.

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