An Introduction to Algebra Upon the Inductive Method of Instruction

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Hilliard, Gary, Little, and Wilkins, 1830 - Algebra - 276 pages
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Page 92 - It will be seen by the above section that if both the numerator and denominator be multiplied by the same number, the value of the fraction will not be altered...
Page 2 - District Clerk's Office. BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the seventh day of May, AD 1828, in the fifty-second year of the Independence of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SG Goodrich, of the said District, has deposited in this office the...
Page 233 - RULE. Multiply the sum of the two extremes by half the number of terms, or multiply...
Page 234 - The sum of all the terms. Any three of which being given, the other two may be found.
Page 97 - Hence, to divide a fraction by a fraction, multiply the numerator of the dividend by the denominator of the divisor, and the denominator of the dividend by the numerator of the divisor.
Page 96 - To divide a whole number by a fraction, — Multiply the dividend by the denominator of the fraction, and divide the product by the numerator.
Page 35 - ... dollars. How many days did he work, and how many days was he idle ? Ans.
Page 86 - Multiply the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators together for a new denominator.
Page 149 - ... square feet more than it would, if it were only equal to the breadth. Required the length and breadth of the room. 12. There is a rectangular field, whose length is to its breadth in the proportion of 6 to 5. A part of this, equal to | of the whole, being planted, there remain for ploughing 625 square yards. What are the dimensions of the field r 13.
Page 276 - The fore wheel of a carriage makes 6 revolutions more than the hind wheel in going 120 yards ; but if the...

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