The New American Arithmetic, Part 3

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E.H. Butler & Company, 1877 - Arithmetic
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Page 97 - The square of two figures is equal to the square of the tens, plus twice the product of the tens by the units, plus the square of the units.
Page 138 - How many cubic yards of earth must be .removed in digging a cellar 36 ft.
Page 181 - Sixty days after sight of this FIRST of EXCHANGE (Second and Third of same tenor and date unpaid...
Page 107 - A plane surface, or a plane, is a surface in which, if any two points are taken, the straight line joining these points lies wholly in the surface.
Page 109 - RULE. — From half the sum of the three sides, subtract each side separately; multiply the half -sum and the three remainders together; the square root of the product is the area.
Page 132 - Write the multiplier under the multiplicand so that units of the same order shall stand in the same column.
Page 46 - A ^Promissory Note is a written promise to pay a certain sum of money, at a specified time, for value received.
Page 94 - The cube of a number consisting of TENS and UNITS is equal to the cube of the tens...
Page 113 - To find the area of a trapezoid. RULE. — Multiply half the sum of the parallel sides by the altitude, and the product is the area.
Page 84 - Multiply each debt by its term of credit, and divide the sum of the products by the sum of the debts. The quotient will be the average term of credit.

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