The infallible ready reckoner

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Page 258 - Table d'hdte (table-dote), — an ordinary at which the master of the hotel presides. Tete-a-tete (tait-ah-tait), — head to head ; a private conversation between two persons. Tirade (tee-rad'), — a long invective speech. Ton (tong), — the full fashion. Torso, It., — the trunk of a statue. Tour (toor), — a journey. Tout ensemble (too-tahn-sahnbl), — the whole taken together. Valet de chambre (val-e-deh-shambr), — a footman. Vetturino (vet-too-ree'no), It., — the owner or driver of...
Page 245 - A Poem of Dryden's, so called in commemoration of the great fire of London. A posteriori : from the effect to the cause. A priori : from the cause to the effect. Arcanum : a secret. Arcana imperii : state secrets.
Page 246 - Alibi : elsewhere. Alma mater: a benign mother; applied generally to the University. A raensa et thoro : divorced from bed and board. Amor patriae : the love of our country. Anglice : in English. Anno Domini : [AD] in the year of our Lord. Anno Mundi : [AM] in the of the world.
Page 265 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Page 249 - Index expurgatorius (a purifying index), a list of prohibited books. Infra dignitatem, beneath one's dignity. Instanter, instantly. Interim, in the meantime. Interregnum, the period between, two reigns. Ipse dixit, mere assertion (he himself has said). Ipso facto, by the fact itself. Item, also ; an article in a bill or account. Jure divino, by Divine right. Jure
Page 256 - Encore (ahn-c6re), — again. Ennui (ann-wee), — wearisomeness. Entre nous (ong'-tr-noo), — between ourselves. Entre (ong-tray), — entrance. Entrepot (ong-tr-po'), — a warehouse. Equivoque (a-ke-voke"), — an equivocation. Esprit de corps (es-pree-de-core, ) — the spirit of the body or party. Expose (ecks-po'-zy), — an exposition, or formal statement. Famille (fa-meel'), — family; "en famille," in the family. Fantoccinni (fan'-to-tche"-ne), It., — puppets. Faux pas (fo pah), —...
Page 264 - Measure. — 12 inches = 1 foot; 3 feet = 1 yard; 5J yards = 1 rod or pole; 40 rods = 1 furlong; 8 furlongs = 1 statute mile (1760 yards or 5280 feet); 3 miles = 1 league.
Page 264 - Barleycorns 3 Inches 1 Palm. 4 Inches 1 Hand. 9 Inches I Span. A Cubit 18 Inches. A Pace, Military, 2 Feet 6 Inches. . A Pace, Geometrical, 5 Feet. A Fathom, 6 Feet. A Cable's Length, 240 Yards. A Degree, 69J Miles, or 60 Nautical Miles. A League, 3 Miles. Cloth Measure. — This measure is used for all kinds of cloth, muslin, ribbon, &c.
Page 248 - Ignis fatuus, will-o'-the-wisp ; literally, a delusive fire. Imperium in imperio, a government within a government. Imprimatur, let it be printed. Imprimis, in the first place. Impromptu, without premeditation ; off-hand.
Page 262 - 60 Ibs. „ of New Hay = 1 „ 36 Trusses = 1 Load. Hay is called old after the commencement of September. A load of old hay should weigh 18 cwt., and a load of new hay 19 cwt. 32 Ibs. A load of straw weighs 11 cwt. 64 Ibs.

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