Elementary Statics

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Macmilliam and Company, 1888 - Forces and couples - 248 pages

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Page 112 - Evidently the tendency depends on the magnitude of the force and on the perpendicular distance of the line of action of the force from the point...
Page 38 - Prove that the algebraic sum of the moments of two concurrent forces about any point in their plane is equal to the moment of their resultant about the same point.
Page 138 - This proportion teaches us that, when in equilibrium, the power is to the weight as the height of the plane is to its length.
Page 83 - The line joining the middle points of two sides of a triangle is parallel to the third side and equal to half of the third side.
Page 69 - LXXIV) inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the centre of the sphere; therefore the attraction of the sphere, equal thereto, is also in the same ratio.
Page 130 - Find the relation between the power and the weight in a system of weightless pulleys, in which each pulley hangs in the loop of a separate string, one end of which is attached to a separate beam, all the strings being parallel. If there be three pulleys arranged...
Page 220 - If three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, they can be represented in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangle taken in order.
Page 86 - ... the sides of the triangle formed by joining the middle points of the sides of the original triangle...
Page 67 - Prove that the lines joining the middle points of opposite sides of a quadrilateral and the line joining the middle points of its diagonals meet in a point and bisect one another.
Page 42 - ... rotation only. The moment of a couple is obviously the product of one of the forces into the perpendicular distance between them. The only way by which a couple can be equilibrated is by means of another couple, of equal moment and oppositely directed. 43. Center of Inertia. If we take a body, as a long thin rod (Fig. 22), then...

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