Elementary Arithmetic

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C. Scribner's sons, 1910 - Arithmetic - 334 pages

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Page 295 - SQUARE MEASURE 144 square inches (sq. in.) = 1 square foot (sq. ft.) 9 square feet — 1 square yard (sq. yd.) 30^ square yards = 1 square rod (sq. rd.) 160 square rods = 1 acre (A.) 640 acres = 1 square mile (sq.
Page 114 - Thirty days hath September, April. June, and November; All the rest have thirty.one, Save February, which alone Hath twenty.eight; and one day more We add to it one year in four.
Page 232 - The dividend is the number to be divided. The divisor is the number by which we divide.
Page 280 - Reduce the fractions to a common denominator and divide the numerator of the dividend by the numerator of the divisor.
Page 252 - Multiplying or dividing both terms of a fraction by the same number does not change the value of the fraction.
Page 216 - How many cubic feet of earth must be removed in digging a cellar 18 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 9 feet deep?
Page 43 - Dry Measure. — 2 pints = 1 quart; 8 quarts = 1 peck; 4 pecks = 1 bushel.
Page 231 - The multiplier is the number by which we multiply, and denotes the numbejr of times the multiplicand is to be taken. The product is the result, or number produced by the multiplication.
Page 280 - ... by dividing the numerator of the dividend by the numerator of the divisor, and the denominator of the dividend by the denominator of the divisor.
Page 32 - Division may be proved by multiplying the quotient by the divisor, and adding the remainder, if there is any, to the product.

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