500 Plain Answers to Direct Questions on Steam, Hot Water, Vapor and Vacuum Heating: The Science and General Practice of Heating, Including Modern Systems of Modified Heating, Explained in a Series of Plain Questions and Answers, with Tables, Rules and General Information, Forming a Complete Text Book and Manual for the Apprentice and Journeyman Steam Fitter. A Reference Book for Master Fitters, Architects and Heating Contractors

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Norman W. Henley publishing Company, 1923 - Heating - 253 pages
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Page 29 - Chapters on Filing, Fitting and Scraping Surfaces ; on Drills, Reamers, Taps and Dies ; the Lathe and its Tools; Planers, Shapers and their Tools ; Milling Machines and Cutters; Gear Cutters and Gear Cutting ; Drilling Machines and Drill Work ; Grinding Machines and their Work; Hardening and Tempering, Gearing, Belting, and Transmission Machinery; Useful Data and Tables.
Page 14 - COMMUTATOR CONSTRUCTION. By WM. BAXTER, JR. The business end of any dynamo or motor of the direct current type is the commutator. This book goes into the designing, building, and maintenance of commutators, shows how to locate troubles and how to remedy them; everyone who fusses with dynamos needs this.
Page 12 - Dies: Their Construction and Use." It does not go into the details of die-making to the extent of the author's previous book, but gives a comprehensive review of the field of operations carried on by presses. A large part of the information given has been drawn from the author's personal experience. It might well be termed an Encyclopedia of Die-Making, Punch-Making, DieSinking, Sheet-Metal Working, and Making of Special Tools, Sub-presses, Devices and Mechanical Combinations for Punching, Cutting,...
Page 28 - MECHANICAL APPLIANCES, MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS AND NOVELTIES OF CONSTRUCTION. By GARDNER D. Hiscox. This is a supplementary volume to the one upon mechanical movements. Unlike the first volume, which is more elementary in character, this volume contains illustrations and descriptions of many combinations of motions and of mechanical...
Page 24 - ... of the various devices for feeds and thread cutting mechanisms from early efforts in this direction to the present time. Lathe design is thoroughly discussed, including back gearing, driving cones, thread-cutting gears, and all the essential elements of the modern lathe. The classification of...
Page 23 - This is one of the latest and most comprehensive reference books published on the subject of refrigeration and cold storage. It explains the properties and refrigerating effect of the different fluids in use, the management of refrigerating machinery and the construction and insulation of cold rooms with their required pipe surface for different degrees of cold; freezing mixtures and non-freezing brines, temperatures...
Page 35 - SAW FILING AND MANAGEMENT OF SAWS. By ROBERT GRIMSHAW. A practical hand-book on filing, gumming, swaging, hammering, and the brazing of band saws, the speed, work, and power to run circular saws, etc. A handy book for those who have charge of saws, or for those mechanics who do their own filing, as it deals with the proper shape and pitches of saw teeth of all kinds and gives many useful hints and rules for gumming, setting, and filing, and is a practical aid to those who use saws for any purpose.
Page 29 - ROSE.— The Complete Practical Machinist : Embracing Lathe Work, Vise Work, Drills and Drilling, Taps and Dies, Hardening and Tempering, the Making and Use of Tools, Tool Grinding, Marking out Work, etc.
Page 19 - This book has been prepared with special reference to the generation of heat by the combustion of the common fuels found in the United States and deals particularly with the conditions necessary to the economic and smokeless combustion of bituminous coal in Stationary and Locomotive Steam Boilers.
Page 7 - This chart simplifies location of all power-plant troubles, and will prove invaluable to all who have to do with the operation, repair or sale of motorcycles. No details omitted. Size 25x38 inches.

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