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Page 15 - A GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON. Compiled by HG LIDDELL, DD Dean of Christ Church, and R. SCOTT, DD Dean of Rochester.
Page 5 - FELLOW COMMONERS, who are generally the younger sons of the nobility, or young men of fortune, and have the privilege of dining at the Fellows' table, from whence the appellation possibly originated.
Page 353 - Lay a garland on my hearse, Of the dismal yew; Maidens, willow branches bear; Say I died true: My love was false, but I was firm From my hour of birth. Upon my buried body lie Lightly, gentle earth!
Page 352 - Why blush ye, love, to give to me your hand, The pledge of all our band ! Sing, ye sweet Angels, Alleluya sing, That all the woods may answere, and your eccho ring.
Page 1 - The executive branch of the university is committed to the following officers : — A CHANCELLOR, who is the head of the whole university, and presides over all cases relative to that body.
Page 312 - To divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts, shall be equal to the square of the other part.
Page 127 - Will that out of the rents and profits, an annual premium of 40 (since increased to 100) should be given to any member of this University, under the degree or standing of MA, who composed the best Dissertation in the English Language, on the Evidences in general, or on the Prophecies or Miracles in particular, or on any other particular argument, whether the same be direct or collateral proofs of the Christian religion, in order to evince its truth and excellence.
Page 5 - Besides a constant attendance on lectures, the Undergraduates are examined in their respective colleges yearly, or half-yearly, in those subjects which have engaged their studies; and, according to the manner in which they...
Page 9 - Progressive Exercises in Greek Tragic Senarii, followed by a Selection from the Greek Verses of Shrewsbury School, and prefaced by a short Account of the Iambic Metre and Style of Greek Tragedy. For the use of Schools and Private Students. Second Edition, altered and revised. 8vo. 8*.
Page 184 - Physic as soon as they are of sufficient standing for the same ; and they may hold the Studentship for three years after their degree. Those therefore who are elected previous to admission at any College, can hold them eight years. The electors to these Studentships are, the Masters of Cains and Christ's Colleges, the President of the College of Physicians, the Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, the Master of the Charter-House, and the Governors of Greenwich and Chelsea Hospitals.

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