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want to find a set of plans

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I would give all pre 1950'd Popular Science/Mechanics a five star rating. Why? This period of time was a time leading back in history to one of when, as DEREK DE SOLA PRICE, an historian of Science put it.....'they had brains in their fingertips.' What did Dr. Price mean by that. Simply, that the hands almost knew what the brain, or minds eye did not, but rather felt their way through a project. Much of what is done now is conceptualized first, then with appropriate to enhance technology, something is made.
In these times, you see a great many young people involvedin projects....perhaps a parent helping(most ususallly a father and son). My father would help me on all my most delerious projects with my mother encouraging me to take them further. Is this done today? I do not know. But, from my point of view, it should be and this magazine presents material that allows for such to happen.
Look at the issues of this magazine today. It is hard for a young person to ímagine beyond what is seen' and that is, to the detriment in their education.

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