Elements of Descriptive Geometry

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John Wiley & Sons, 1912 - Geometry - 219 pages
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Page 100 - The altitude of a prism is the perpendicular distance between the planes of its bases. 591. DBF. A right prism is a prism whose lateral edges are perpendicular to its bases.
Page 100 - A cone is a solid bounded by a conical surface and a plane which cuts the conical surface. The plane is called the base and the curved surface the lateral area.
Page 100 - A conical surface is the surface generated by a moving straight line which constantly touches a fixed curve and passes through a fixed point not in the plane of the curve. The moving...
Page 100 - A right circular cone is one whose axis is perpendicular to the base ; an oblique circular cone is one whose axis is not perpendicular to the base.
Page 95 - ... roller 3 ft. long and 1^ ft. in diameter make, in order to go completely over a grass plot half an acre in extent ? 431. How large a cylinder can be made by rolling up a rectangular sheet of tin 80 in. by 60 in., so that the height of the cylinder is 80 in. ? How large, if the height is 60 in. ? A Pyramid is a solid bounded by a polygon called the base, and by triangles called lateral faces, which all terminate in one point called the vertex. A pyramid is triangular, hexagonal, etc., according...
Page 136 - To develop the surfaces, divide the circumference of the cylinder into any number of equal parts, and through the points of division draw lines parallel to the center line of the cy Under.
Page 45 - A cone whose base is a circle is called a circular cone. The straight line joining the vertex of a circular cone and the center of the base is called the axis of the cone.
Page 65 - C'D' is any line of the plane PQ perpendicular to AB, it follows that PQ is perpendicular to MN. 262 265. Theorem X. If each of two intersecting planes is perpendicular to a third plane, their line of intersection is perpendicular to the third plane.
Page 45 - Definition. A right circular cone is a circular cone whose axis is perpendicular to its base, as S-ABCD. The right circular cone is also called a cone of revolution, because it may be generated by the revolution of a right triangle...
Page 100 - ... are. called the upper and lower nappes. The generatrix in any one position is called an element of the surface. A cone is a solid bounded by a conical surface and a plane which cuts all its elements. The plane is then called the base of the cone ; and the conical surface is called the lateral surface of the cone. The altitude of a cone is the perpendicular distance from its vertex to its base.

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