French conversation-grammar

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Librairie Hachette & Cie., 1876 - French language - 103 pages
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Page 38 - J'eus été, I had been. Tu eus été, thou hadst been. Il eut été, he had been. Nous eûmes été, we had been. Vous eûtes été, you had been. Ils eurent été, they had been. FUTURE ANTEEIOE. J'aurai été, 1 shall have been. Tu auras été, thou wilt have been. Il aura été, he will have been.
Page 2 - A French Grammar. A Complete Theory of the French Language, with the rules in French and English, and numerous Examples to serve as first Exercises in the Language. By Jules Bue, Honorary MA of Oxford ; Taylorian Teacher of French, Oxford ; Examiner in the Oxford Local Examinations from 1858.
Page 1 - NEW FRENCH EDUCATIONAL COURSE. THE study of modern languages has, during the last few years, entered upon a new stage of development in English Schools, and been thoroughly revolutionised by the progress of modern science The natural consequence of this movement was at once to supersede the time-honoured grammars of Hamel, Lévizac, Wanostrocht, &c.
Page 18 - J'avais eu, I had had. tu avais eu, thou hadst had. il avait eu, he had had. nous avions eu, we had had. vous aviez eu, you had had. ils avaient eu, they had had. Past Anterior. J'eus eu, I had had. tu eus eu, thou hadst had. il eut eu, he had had. nous eûmes eu, we had had. vous eûtes eu, you had had.
Page 83 - Je reçois, I receive. tu reçois, thou receivest. 'il reçoit, he receives. nous recevons, we receive. vous recevez, you receive. ils reçoivent, they receive. Imperfect.
Page 3 - Quj5TiN ; with Dialogues on Railway and Steamboat Travelling, and a Comparative Table of Monies and Measures. New edition, carefully revised by the Rev. PH ERNEST BRETTE, BD, Head Master of the French School, Christ's Hospital, London ; and GUSTAVE MASSON, BA, Assistant Master of Harrow School, Examiners in the University of London.
Page 39 - That thou mightest be. Qu'il fût, That he might be. Que nous fussions, That we might be. Que vous fussiez, That you might be. Qu'ils fussent, That they might be.
Page 18 - J'eus eu, I had had. tu eus eu, thou hadst had. il eut eu, he had had. nous eûmes eu, we had had. vous eûtes eu, you had had. ils eurent eu, they had had.

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