C. Sallusti Crispi Bellum Catulinae. Sallust's Catilinarian conspiracy

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Macmillan, 1884 - Rome - 178 pages

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Page 19 - THE SEVEN KINGS OF ROME. An Easy Narrative, abridged from the First Book of Livy by the omission, of Difficult Passages ; being a First Latin Reading Book, with Grammatical Notes and Vocabulary.
Page 22 - GRAMMAR : An Attempt to illustrate some of the Differences between Elizabethan and Modern English. By the Rev. EA ABBOTT, DD, Head Master of the City of London School. New and Enlarged Edition.
Page 55 - Non divitiis cum divite, neque factione cum factioso, sed cum strenuo virtute, cum modesto pudore, cum innocente abstinentia certabat ; esse quam videri bonus malebat ; ita quo minus petebat gloriam, eo ilium magis sequebantur.
Page 17 - MAYOR (JOSEPH B.)— GREEK FOR BEGINNERS. By the Rev. JB MAYOR, MA, Professor of Classical Literature in King's College, London. Part I., with Vocabulary, is.
Page 7 - Corrections and Additions, by JOHN EB MAYOR, Professor of Latin in the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of St. John's College. New Edition.
Page 19 - White. — FIRST LESSONS IN GREEK. Adapted to GOODWIN'S GREEK GRAMMAR, and designed as an introduction to the ANABASIS OF XENOPHON. By JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE, Ph.D., Assistant-Professor of Greek in Harvard University. Crown 8vo. 4*.
Page 13 - HOMERIC DICTIONARY. For Use in Schools and Colleges. Translated from the German of Dr. G. AUTENRIETH, with Additions and Corrections, by RP KEEP, Ph.D. With numerous Illustrations.
Page 4 - ... (servilibus officiis) intentum aetatem agere ; sed a quo incepto studioque me ambitio mala detinuerat, eodem regressus, statui res gestas populi Romani carptim, ut quaeque memoria digna videbantur, perscribere, — eo magis, quod mihi a spe, metu, partibus rei publicae animus liber erat.
Page 3 - Ac mihi quidem, tametsi haudquaquam par gloria sequitur scriptorem et auctorem rerum, tamen inprimis arduum videtur res gestas scribere: primum, quod facta dictis exaequanda sunt; dehinc, quia plerique, quae delicta reprehenderis, malivolentia et invidia dicta putant; ubi de magna virtute atque gloria bonorum memores, quae sibi quisque facilia factu putat, aequo animo accipit, supra ea veluti ficta pro falsis ducit.
Page 21 - Mahaffy. — Works by JP MAHAFFY, MA, Professor of Ancient History in Trinity College, Dublin, and Hon. Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. SOCIAL LIFE IN GREECE; from Homer to Menander.

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