The North American Arithmetic: Part Second, Uniting Oral and Written Exercises in Corresponding Chapters

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Hogan and Thompson, 1835 - Arithmetic - 191 pages

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Page 171 - Multiply all the numerators together for a new numerator, and all the denominators for a new denominator: then reduce the new fraction to its lowest terms.
Page 87 - Suppose 2 men start from the same place, and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of 5 miles an hour and the other f as fast; — how far apart will they be in 11 hours ? 32.
Page 139 - Jldd the numbers of the lowest denomination together, and divide their sum by that number which is required of this denomination to make 1 of the next higher: write the remainder under the column added, and carry the quotient to the next column. Thus proceed with every denomination.
Page 170 - Divide the greater number by the smaller, then divide the divisor by the remainder; and thus continue dividing the last divisor by the last remainder, till nothing remains.
Page 119 - ... given number into as many equal parts, as there are units in another given number. Questions to be answered Orally. (1) How many kinds of operations are practised on numbers? (2) What are they called? (3) What is Addition? (4) What is Subtraction? (5) What is Multiplication? (6) What is Division? (7) Propose a question that you would solve by addition. (8) Propose a question that you would solve by subtraction. (9) Propose a question that you would solve by multiplication.
Page 116 - Cut off- as many figures from the right hand of the dividend as there are ciphers in the divisor. The remaining figures of the dividend will be the quotient, and those cut off the remainder.
Page 32 - How many are 9 times 4? 30. If a man can build 8 rods of fence in a day, how many days will it take him to build 72 rods ? 31. How many times 8 in 72 ? How many are 9 times 8? 32. If 5 bushels of wheat will pay for a yard of broad cloth, how many yards will 45 bushels pay for? 33. How many times 5 in 45?
Page 185 - When there are more decimal places in the divisor, than in the dividend, render the places equal, by annexing ciphers to the dividend, before dividing.
Page 121 - How many clergymen would this support, on a salary of 800 dollars per annum? 10. Five men and three boys found a sum of money, and divided it so that each man had 43 dollars and each boy 26 dollars. What sum did they find? 11. If a trader buy 558 barrels of flour at 5 dollars a barrel, and pay 14 dollars for storage, for how much must he sell the flour, to gain 160 dollars? 12. Suppose 5 bushels of wheat to make a barrel of flour, how many barrels of flour can be made from 12 bins of wheat, each...
Page 74 - The Denominator of a fraction, is the number of equal parts into which a whole one is divided. For example, if a whole orange be divided into 4 equal parts, the denominator is 4; the parts being denominated fourths. The Numerator of a fraction is the number which shows how many of the equal parts the fraction expresses.

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