A School Algebra

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Ginn & Company, 1894 - Algebra - 362 pages
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Page 430 - ... that the volume of a sphere varies as the cube of its radius. 20. Find the radius of a sphere whose volume is equal to the sum of the volumes of three spheres whose radii are r, /, and r".
Page 430 - It has been found by experiment that the distance a body falls from rest varies as the square of the time.
Page 239 - The sum of two digits of a number is 9, and if 27 is subtracted from the number, the digits will be reversed. Find the number. Let x = the tens' digit, and y = the units
Page 235 - If the larger of two numbers is divided by the smaller, the quotient is 7 and the remainder is 4.
Page 180 - A person walks to the top of a mountain at the rate of 2\ miles an hour, and down the same way at the rate of 3-|- miles an hour, and is out 5 hours. How far is it to the top of the mountain ? 42.
Page 435 - The sum of three numbers in arithmetical progression is 15; and the sum of the squares of the two extremes is 58. What are the numbers'?

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