Mathematical Manual for the Use of Colleges and Academies, Volume 1

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J.W. Butler, and sold by J. Conrad, 1807 - Mathematics

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Page 33 - Multiply the whole number by the numerator of the fraction, and divide the product by the denominator ; or divide the whole number by the denominator of the fraction, and multiply the quotient by the numerator.
Page 224 - The earth being 360 degrees in circumference, turns round on its axis in 24 hours ; how far does it turn in one minute, in the 43d parallel of latitude; the degree of longitude, in this latitude, being about 51 statute miles?
Page 104 - Divide the first term of the dividend by the first term of the divisor, and write the result as the first term of the quotient. Multiply the whole divisor by the first term of the quotient, and subtract the product from the dividend.
Page 202 - OF TIME. 60 Seconds = 1 Minute 60 Minutes =± 1 Hour 24 Hours = 1 Day 7 Days = 1 Week 28 Days = 1 Lunar Month...
Page 203 - The fourth, eleventh, ninth, and sixth, Have thirty days to each affix'd: And every other thirty-one, Except the second month alone, Which has but twenty-eight in fine, Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.
Page 59 - The first term of a ratio is called the antecedent, and the second term the consequent.
Page 34 - It will be seen that we multiply the denominator of the dividend by the numerator of the divisor for the denominator of the quotient, and the numerator of the dividend by the denominator of the divisor for the numerator of the quotient.
Page 245 - TARE AND TRET. Tare and Tret are allowances made by the seller to the buyer, on some particular commodities. Tare is an allowance made for the weight of the barrel, box, bag, or whatever contains the commodity. Tret is an allowance of 4 Ib.
Page 85 - Considering, then, the proposed number 6084 as composed of the square of the tens of the root sought, twice the product of the tens by the units, and the square of the units, if we can discover in this number the first of these parts, viz.

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