A Conversation on Mines, Etc. Between a Father and Son: To which are Added Questions and Answers to Assist Candidates to Obtain Certificates for the Management of Collieries - A Lecture on the Atmosphere, Its Changes and Explosive Gases. - Tables of Calculations, Rules of Measurements, Etc

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Heywood, 1875 - Atmosphere - 267 pages
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Page 239 - OF SURFACE. 144 Sq. Inches = 1 Sq. Foot 9 Sq. Feet = 1 Sq. Yard 301 Sq. Yards = 1 Perch or Rod 40 Perches = 1 Rood 4 Roods = 1 Acre 640 Acres = 1 Sq. Mile 3. MEASURES OF SOLIDITY AND CAPACITY. DIVISION I — SOLIDITY.
Page 7 - So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air.
Page 242 - DIVISIONS OF THE CIRCLE. 60 Seconds = 1 Minute 60 Minutes = 1 Degree 30 Degrees = 1 Sign 90 Degrees = 1 Quadrant 360 Degrees, or!2 Signs= 1 Circumference 6. MEASURE OF TIME. 60 Seconds = 1 Minute 60 Minutes...
Page 236 - First, who commanded that the ulna, or ancient ell, which answers to the modern yard, should be made of the exact length of his own arm.
Page 236 - Troy of wheat, taken from the middle of the ear, and well dried, should make one gallon of Wine measure, and 8 such gallons make a bushel.
Page 241 - January, 1832, it is directed that all coals, cinders, and culm, sold from and out of any ship or vessel in the port of London, or at any place within the cities of London and Westminster, or within the distance of 25 miles from the General Post Office, in the city of London, shall be sold by weight and not by measure.
Page 240 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Page 185 - ... so that an observer has only to record the position of the several indices, at the first observation (by writing the lowest of the two figures on the respective circles between which the index points in their proper order), and deduct the amount from their position at...
Page 237 - Pendulum vibrating seconds, or performing 46,400 oscillations in the interval between the sun•s leaving the meridian of a place and returning to it again, is always the same at a, fixed place, and under the same circumstances; and if this length be divided into 391,392 equal parts, the yard is defined to be equivalent to 360,000 of these parts ; also, conversely, since a yard is equal to 36 inches, it follows that the length of the seconds pendulum, expressed in inches, is 39-1392.
Page 262 - Jeweller's putty Oxide of tin. King's yellow Sulphide of arsenic. Laughing gas Protoxide of nitrogen. Lime Oxide of calcium. Lunar caustic Nitrate of silver. Mosaic gold Bisulphide of tin. Muriate of lime Chloride of calcium.

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