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Page 32 - No public instruction is given in the local or peculiar municipal jurisprudence of any particular State ; but the students are assisted by the Professors, as occasion may require, in the private study of the law and practice peculiar to their own States.
Page 38 - They consist of valuable select works principally in modern Theology, with some of the early Fathers in the original. Means have been recently devised to add to the Library valuable modern works in Theology and Morals, as they are published.
Page 37 - Faculty, and at the same time shall have delivered or transmitted to the Dean a dissertation, written by himself, on some subject connected with medicine. Every dissertation shall be submitted by the Dean to the examination of the Faculty in the mode which they shall point out.
Page 32 - Books, and also the English statutes, as well as the principal treatises in American and English law, besides a large collection of Scotch, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and other foreign law, and a very ample collection of the best editions of the Roman or civil law...
Page 33 - ... for the term of eighteen months in any law institution having legal authority to confer the degree of Bachelor of Laws, one year of said term having been spent in this School ; or who, having been admitted to the Bar after a year's previous study, have subsequently pursued their studies in this School for one year ; are entitled, upon the certificate and recommendation of the Law Faculty, and on payment of all dues to the College, to the degree of Bachelor of Laws.
Page 31 - Church Polity, the Composition and Delivery of Sermons, and the Duties of the Pastoral Office. The members of the two upper classes have a weekly exercise in the practice of Extemporaneous Speaking, and the members of the Senior Class preach in the village church during the summer term.
Page 5 - Horsford, AM, Rumford Professor, and Lecturer on the Application of the Sciences to the Useful Arts.
Page 31 - Theology as long as the class into which they propose to be received, and must pass an examination in the studies which that class has pursued. Students are required to reside in or near Divinity Hall. They give bonds in the sum of...
Page 32 - Institution [not college or school] is to afford a complete course of legal education for gentlemen intended for the bar in any of the United States except in matters of mere local law and practice...
Page 31 - Griesbach's edition. A copy of all other class-books is furnished on loan. Indigent students are aided from foundations and other sources. Three years, including the vacations, which amount to twelve weeks in each year, complete the term of residence. " The course of instruction comprises Lectures, Recitations, and other exercises, on all the subjects usually included in a system of Theological Education ; — Hebrew, the Criticism and Interpretation of the Scriptures, Natural Religion, Evidences...

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