Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Volume 8

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Page 164 - The part of the sun's disc not occupied by spots is far from uniformly bright Its ground is finely mottled with an appearance of minute, dark dots, or pores, which, when attentively watched, are found to be in a constant state of change. There is nothing which represents so faithfully this appearance as the slow subsidence of some flocculent chemical precipitates in a transparent fluid, when viewed perpendicularly from above...
Page xv - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of the United States; to give a stronger and more general impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific research in our country; and to procure for the labors of scientific men increased facilities and a wider usefulness.
Page 294 - Invented or discovered any useful art, manufacture, engine, machine, or device, or any improvement therein not before known or used, and praying that a patent may be granted therefor.
Page 14 - Nor could he long cling to the theory that God had deliberately deceived his children, however pious the reason for deception might be. So in 1853 Peirce advanced another theory, namely that science and the Bible have equal authority, but in different spheres: We acknowledge . . . that science has no authority to interfere with the Scriptures and perplex the Holy Writ with forced and impossible constructions of language. This admission does not derogate from the dignity of science; and we claim that...
Page xviii - The names of all persons two years and more in arrears for annual dues, shall be erased from the list of members ; provided that two notices of indebtedness, at an interval of at least three months, shall have previously been given.
Page 18 - MD Nature in Disease : An Address before the Norfolk District Medical Society of Massachusetts, at the Annual Meeting, May 12, 1852. 8vo pamph. Boston. 1852. Statistics of Consumption in Roxbury. Read before the Norfolk District Medical Society of...
Page 140 - Showing the probable uncertainty in determination of the maximum and minimum pointt. 3. Connection of the figure of the bottom of the sea with the distribution of temperature. The discovery that soundings could be carried nearly across the Charleston section of the Gulf Stream, and that after losing them on this section for a short distance they were reached beyond the axis of the stream, was communicated to the Association at the Cleveland meeting, as resulting from the observations of Lieuts. JN'Maffitt...
Page 263 - They go in company by dozens, and set upon a young whale, and will bite him like so many bulldogs ; some will lay hold of his tail, to keep him from threshing, while others lay hold of his head, and bite and thresh him, till the poor creature, being thus heated, lolls out his tongue; and then some of the killers catch hold of his lips, and if possible, of his tongue; and after they have killed him they chiefly feed upon the tongue and head, but when he begins to putrefy they leave him.
Page 226 - ... India-rubber was for many years only known as a means of erasing pencil-marks, and that gutta-percha was, until very recently, only used for axe-handles, we shall be inclined to study new applications of old materials in a very hopeful spirit. THE following papers were presented, and most of them were read, but no copy of them has been furnished for publication : — I. MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS. 1. ON THE MEAN DISTANCE FROM THE SUN, INCLINATION OF ORBIT, AND EQUATORIAL CHARACTER OF THE ASTEROID...
Page 141 - ... miles, and then by a gentle slope upwards. It is altogether probable that all the depths found by observation are greater than the actual ones, but the bottom was brought up in the several cases, showing that the lead had reached it, and it is most probable that the proportions are not far from correct. The close conformity of the curves of temperature' to those of the bottom is obvious from an inspection of the diagram. The descent of the curve of 57 in the deepest part of the section is a...

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