Exercises in Algebra: Being Systematically Arranged and Adapted to the Gradual Progress of Young Pupils in Academies and Schools with a Key for the Use of the Teacher

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Carter, Hendee and Company, 1833 - Algebra - 197 pages

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Page 101 - A company of 90 persons consists of men, women, and children. The men are 4 in number more than the women, the children 10 more than the adults. How many men, women, and children, are there in the company ? f 22 men, .•In*.
Page 179 - Find a number consisting of three digits, such, that the sum of the squares of the digits, without considering their position, may be 104 ; but the square of the middle digit exceeds twice the product of the other two by 4 ; farther, if 594 be subtracted from the number sought, the three digits are inverted.
Page 131 - There is a wagon with a mechanical contrivance by which the difference of the number of revolutions of the wheels on a journey is noted. The circumference of the fore wheel is a feet, and of the hind wheel b feet.
Page 149 - What is the value of the second horse, and of the chaise ? 10. Two men, driving their sheep to market, A says to B, give me one of your sheep and I shall have as many as you ; B says to A, give me one of your sheep and I shall have twice as many as you.
Page 101 - An estate of $7500 is to be divided between a widow, two sons, and three daughters, so that each son shall receive twice as much as each daughter, and the widow herself $500 more than all the children : what was her share, and what the share of each child ? / Widow's share $4000. Ans.
Page 155 - ... as much out of the second, into the first, as it then contained ; and lastly, he poured out as much from the first into the second, as there was...
Page 178 - In any proportion, the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.
Page 154 - A work is to be printed, so that each page may contain a certain number of lines, and each line a certain number of letters. If we wished each page to contain 3 lines more, and each line 4 letters more, then there would be 224 letters more on each page ; but if we wished to have 2 lines less in a page, and 3 letters less in each line, then each page would contain 145 letters less. How many lines are there in each page? and...
Page 138 - TV, and in the fifth 450. How many had he ? Ans; 1200. 48. I once had an untold sum of money lying before me. From this, I first took away the 3d part, and put in its stead $50. A short time after, I took from the sum, thus augmented, the 4th part, and put again in its stead, $70. I then counted my money, and found $120. What was the original sum ? Ans. $25. 49. After paying away and ]• of my money, I had $66 left in my purse.
Page 102 - A father divides $2000 among five sons, so that each elder should receive $40 more than his next younger brother : what is the share of the youngest ? Ans. $320.

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