The practical linguist ... the French language, Volume 1

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Page 13 - Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, Treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, dix-sept, dix-huit, dix-neuf, vingt.
Page 116 - That's all very good," said the serjeant, "but you want £60 more to be worth £3,000." "For that sum," replied the gentleman, in nowise disconcerted, "I have a note of hand of one Mr. Serjeant Davy, and I hope he will have the honesty soon to settle it.
Page 114 - ... have shown him how they laid them on; but even this would leave him at the critical point. Opie preferred going to the quick and the heart of the matter :
Page 121 - Christian, the person you have killed is my son ; his body is now in my house. You ought to suffer, but you have eaten with me, and I have given you my faith, which must not be broken.
Page 121 - His pursuers soon lost sight of him, for he had, unperceived, thrown himself over a garden wall. The owner, a Moor, happening to be in his garden, was addressed by the Spaniard on his knees, who acquainted him with his case, and implored concealment. " Eat this," said the Moor, giving him half a peach ; " you now know that you may confide in my protection.
Page 118 - Lacedemonians, and of taking the government of Greece out of their hands, in order to put it into those of the Athenians, kept his eye and his thoughts continually fixed upon that great project. And as he was not very nice or scrupulous in the choice of his measures, whatever tended towards the accomplishing of the end he had in view, he looked upon as just and lawful.
Page 24 - Que je sois, That I may be. que tu sois, that thou mayst be. qu'il soit, that he may be. que nous soyons, that we may be. que vous soyez, that you may be. q'uils soient, that they may be.
Page 92 - I have hid him in my heart, where you will find him.
Page 114 - ... how or the what (supposing this possible, which it is not in its full and highest meaning) been told them, or done for them; in the one case, sight and action were immediate, exact, intense, and secure; in the other mediate, feeble, and lost as soon as gained. But what are "Brains?" what did Opie mean? and what is Sir Joshua's
Page 114 - Suppose you look again.' And they did try, and they did look, and looked again ; and they saw and achieved what they never could have done, had the how or the what...

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