A School Algebra

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Ginn, 1890 - Algebra - 495 pages
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Page 419 - Given that the area of a circle varies as the square of its radius...
Page 222 - ... the quotient is 2 and the remainder 2. Find the numbers. Let x = the greater number, and y = the smaller number. Then 5^ = 4, and x From the solution of these equations x = 47, and y - 11.
Page 489 - Sprague : Milton's Paradise Lost and Lycidas 45 Thayer : The Best Elizabethan Plays 1.25 Thorn : Shakespeare and Chaucer Examinations 1.00 White : Philosophy of American Literature ... . . .30...
Page 168 - A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days, A and C in 12 days, and В and C in 20 days.
Page 420 - It has been found by experiment that the distance a body falls from rest varies as the square of the time.
Page 38 - A man has 6 sons, each of whom is 4 years older than his next younger brother; and the eldest is three times as old as the youngest. What is the age of each 1 Prob. 43. Divide the number 49 into two such parts, that the greater increased by 6, shall be to the less diminished by 11 as 9 to 2.
Page 166 - A can do a piece of work in 3 days, B in 4 days, and C in 6 days. How long will it take them to do it working together?
Page 489 - Scott's Lady of the Lake . . Bds., .35; Cloth, .50 Scott's Tales of a Grandfather . Bds., .40; Cloth, .50...
Page 419 - ... that the volume of a sphere varies as the cube of its radius. 20. Find the radius of a sphere whose volume is equal to the sum of the volumes of three spheres whose radii are r, /, and r".
Page 39 - In a company of 266 persons composed of men, women, and children, there are twice as many men as women, and twice as many women as children. How many are there of each?

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