Key to Baillairgé'stereometrical Tableau: New System of Measuring All Bodies--segments, Frusta and Ungulæ of Such Bodies by One and the Same Rules...

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C. Darveau, 1876 - Measurement - 229 pages
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Page 40 - ... 14. If a body of uniform density floats in a fluid, the volume of the part immersed is to the volume of the whole body as the specific gravity of the body is to the specific gravity of the fluid. A piece of cork weighing...
Page 40 - Weigh the denser body, and the compound mass separately, both in water, and out of it ; then find how much each loses in water, by subtracting its weight in water from its weight in air ; and subtract the less of these remainders from the greater. Then...
Page 60 - XIV.). 1. What is the solid content of a cube whose side is 24 inches? Ans. 13824.
Page xiii - Dear Sir, — I beg to acknowledge with many thanks the receipt of a number of papers explanatory of your new formula for finding the contents of solid bodies.
Page 41 - ... multiplying the specific gravity of each ingredient by the difference between it and the specific gravity of the compound. As the sum of the products is to the respective products, so is the specific gravity of the body to the proportions of the ingredients ; then as the specific gravity of the compound is to the weight of the compound, so are each of the proportions to the weight of its material.
Page 40 - A body immersed in a fluid ascends or descends with a force equal to the difference between its own weight and the weight of an equal bulk of fluid ; the resistance or viscosity of the fluid not being considered.
Page 34 - Now, since the areas of similar polygons are to each other as the squares of their homologous sides...
Page 40 - ... then, as the weight lost in water is to the whole weight, so is the specific gravity of water to the specific gravity of the body.
Page 22 - Subtract each side separately from half the sum of the three sides. Find the continued product of the half -sum and the three remainders, and extract the square root of that product. Ex. Find the area of a triangle whose sides are 3, 4, and 5 ft. respectively. The half-sum of the sides is 3 + 4 + 5 = 6 ft., and the three remainders are 3 ft., 2 ft., 1 ft.

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