An Academy for Grown Horsemen: Containing the Completest Instructions for Walking, Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling and Tumbling

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Methuen, 1905 - English wit and humor - 120 pages

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Page 121 - GAMONIA : or, the Art of Preserving Game ; and an Improved Method of making Plantations and Covers, explained and illustrated by Lawrence Rawstorne, Esq. With 15 Coloured Plates by T. Rawlins. AN ACADEMY FOR GROWN HORSEMEN : Containing the completes!
Page 120 - Rambles and Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, The Hon. Tom Dashall. By an Amateur (Pierce Egan). With 31 Coloured Plates by Alken and Rowlandson, etc.
Page 120 - CONSOLATION. By William Combe. With 24 Coloured Plates by T. Rowlandson. THE THIRD TOUR OF DOCTOR SYNTAX IN SEARCH OF A WIFE. By William Combe. With 24 Coloured Plates by T. Rowlandson. THE HISTORY OF JOHNNY QUAE GENUS : the Little Foundling of the late Dr. Syntax. By the Author of 'The Three Tours.' With 24 Coloured Plates by Rowlandson. THE ENGLISH DANCE OF DEATH, from the Designs of T. Rowlandson, with Metrical Illustrations by the Author of
Page 121 - Instructions for Walking, Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling, and Tumbling. Illustrated with 27 Coloured Plates, and adorned with a Portrait of the Author. By Geoffrey Gambado, Esq. REAL LIFE IN IRELAND, or, the Day and Night Scenes of Brian Boru, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Sir Shawn O'Dogherty. By a Real Paddy.
Page 120 - ASK MAMMA. By RS Surtees. With 13 Coloured Plates and 70 Woodcuts in the Text by John Leech.
Page 70 - Powers, are certain simple instruments, commonly employed for raising greater weights, or overcoming greater resistances, than could be effected by the natural strength without them. These are usually accounted six in number, viz. the Lever, the Wheel and Axle, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane, the Wedge, and the Screw.
Page 122 - Harrison Ainsworth. With 22 Plates and 87 Woodcuts in the Text by George Cruikshank.
Page 122 - THE PICKWICK PAPERS. By Charles Dickens. With the 43 Illustrations by Seymour and Phiz, the two Buss Plates, and the 32 Contemporary Onwhyn Plates. Junior Examination Series Edited by AMM STEDMAN, MA Fcaf.
Page 121 - Life in Paris: Comprising the Rambles, Sprees and Amours of Dick Wildfire, etc.
Page 122 - PLAIN BOOKS THE GRAVE : A Poem. By Robert Blair. Illustrated by 12 Etchings executed by Louis Schiavonetti from the original Inventions of William Blake. With an Engraved Title Page and a Portrait of Blake by T. Phillips, RA The illustrations are reproduced in photogravure. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BOOK OF JOB. Invented and engraved by William Blake. These famous Illustrations— 21 in number — are reproduced in photogravure.

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