The Division Courts Act and Amendments Thereto: Comprising R.S.O. (1887), Cap. 51; 51 Vict., Cap. 10; 52 Vict., Cap. 12; and 55 Vict., Cap. 11; Together with the General Rules and Forms (1893). Fully Annotated, with Additional Forms of Proceedings Applicable to Division Courts. Founded on and Being a Complete Consolidation of the Works of J.S. Sinclair, Esq., on Division Court Law, Volume 2

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James Bicknell, Edwin Ernest Seager
Goodwin Law Book and Publishing Company, 1894 - Court rules

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Page 119 - Where, by reason of marriage, death, or bankruptcy, or any other event occurring after the commencement of a cause or matter, and causing a change or transmission of interest or liability, or by reason of any person interested coming into existence after the commencement of the...
Page 231 - For which payment to be well and faithfully made, we bind ourselves, and each of us, our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals.
Page 110 - Where an action has been commenced in the name of the wrong person as plaintiff, or where it is doubtful whether it has been commenced in the name of the right plaintiff, the...
Page 145 - A married woman shall be capable of entering into and rendering herself liable in respect of and to the extent of her separate property on any contract, and of suing and being sued, either in contract or in tort, or otherwise, in all respects as if she were a feme sole...
Page 13 - ... to order that the plaintiff be at liberty to proceed as if personal service had been effected, subject to such conditions as to the court or judge may seem fit.
Page 145 - Every contract entered into by a married woman with respect to and to bind her separate property shall bind not only the separate property which she is possessed of or entitled to at the date of the contract, but also all separate property which she may thereafter acquire.
Page 3 - Defendant" shall include every person served with any writ of summons or process, or served with notice of or entitled to attend any proceedings. ' Party " shall include every person served with notice of, or attending any proceeding, although not named on the record. 'Matter" shall include every proceeding in the Court not in a cause.
Page 160 - Appeal, shall be restrained by prohibition or injunction ; but every matter of equity on which an injunction against the prosecution of any such cause or proceeding might have been obtained, if this Act had not passed; either unconditionally or on any terms or conditions, may be relied on by way of defence thereto...
Page 33 - ... the Body, Lands, or Goods of the defendant shall be thereupon forthwith discharged from the said execution, which shall likewise be entered upon record ; but notwithstanding in each case such judgment shall remain...
Page 219 - You shall well and truly try, and true deliverance make, between our Sovereign Lord the King and the prisoner at the bar, whom you shall have in charge, and a true verdict give, according to the evidence. So help you God.

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