Three Seasons in European Vineyards: Treating of Vineculture; Vine Disease and Its Cure; Wine-making and Wines, Red and White; Wine-drinking, as Affecting Health and Morals

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Harper & brothers, 1869 - Electronic books - 332 pages

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Page 144 - The water should rise as high as the ring about the mouth of the bottle. I have never yet completely submerged them, but do not think there would be any inconvenience in doing so provided there should be no partial cooling during the heating up, which might cause the admission of a little water into the bottle. One of the bottles is filled with water, into the lower part of which the bowl of a thermometer is plunged. When this marks the degree of heat desired, 149° Fahrenheit for instance, the basket...
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Page 145 - It will not do to put in another immediately the too warm cater might break the bottles. A portion of the heated water is taken out and replaced with cold, to reduce the temperature to a safe point, or, better still, the bottles of the second basket may be prepared by warming, so as to be put in as soon as the first comes' out The expansion of the wine during the heating process tends to force out the cork, but the twine or wire holds it in, and the wine finds a vent between the neck and the cork....
Page 146 - Wine in casks may be heated by introducing a tin pipe through the bung-hole, which shall descend in coils nearly to the bottom and return in a straight line and through the pipe imparting steam. If, after thus being once heated, there is such an exposure to air, as by drawing off and bottling, as to admit a fresh introduction of " parasites," the disease thus introduced may be easily cured by heating a second time.

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