Mechanical Drawing: First[-second] Year, Volume 1

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Page 15 - A sphere is a solid bounded by a curved surface, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 65 - When the surface of a cylinder is unrolled, it becomes a rectangle whose length is equal to the circumference of the cylinder.
Page 46 - ... compass lay off A and B equally distant from C. Then with A and B for centers without changing the compass lay off arc DE. Then CD and CE trisect the right angle. Note : — In this way angles of 30 and 60 may be obtained. Problem 4. To divide a given line into any number of equal parts. (Fig. 52). Let AB be the given line to be divided into five equal Fig.
Page 14 - A figure whose opposite sides are equal and parallel and whose angles are right angles.
Page 8 - Three faces are visible in the front view, two equally, one each side of the third, the middle face. The axes intersect in the top view, 2J4" R. and 2%" D. They intersect in the front view 2J4" R. and f>W D. The center of revolution for the side view is 4
Page 48 - AC should be, for this plate, 1^" long. Produce AC to B. From C as center, with a radius equal to CA, describe the semicircle A 128456 7 B, and divide it into as many equal parts as there are sides in the required polygon (in this case eight). From the point C, and through the second division from B, as 6, draw the straight line C6.

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