An Exercise Book in Algebra: Designed for Supplementary Or Review Work in Connection with Any Text-book on Algebra

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Leach, Shewell, & Sanborn, 1894 - 173 pages
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Page 142 - The area of a circle whose radius is 10 feet is 314.159 square feet. Find the area of a circle whose radius is 12 feet, from the law that the area of a circle varies as the square of its radius.
Page 88 - B's share were increased by 100 he would have as much as С and D have between them ; find how much each gets. 18.
Page 6 - The product of two binomials having a common term is equal to the square of the common term, plus the sum of the unlike terms multiplied by the common term, plus the product of the unlike terms.
Page 170 - Solve completely the simultaneous equations xz-\-xy 4- у2 = 19, x2 — xy -\- у2 = 7, and group distinctly the corresponding values of x and y. 4. Convert 3.14159 into a continued fraction, and obtain four convergents. What is the limit of the error in taking the fourth convergent for the value of the decimal ? 5. (a) Derive the formula for the number of permutations of m things taken и at a time. (b) From 10 different things in how many ways can a selection of 4 be made ? 6.
Page 131 - The sum of two numbers is 8, and the sum of their cubes is 152. What are the numbers ? Ans.
Page 167 - Solve the equation x' — • x -f- 5 1/2x" — 5x+6 = 3x + 33 2 4. There are 20 things of one kind and 10 of another ; how many different sets can be made each containing 3 of the first kind and 2 of the second ? 5. Insert 3 arithmetical means between 4 and 20. TV 6. Expand ; 5 into a series by the method of 1 + x + x
Page 83 - A person rows a certain distance down a stream, which runs at the rate of 3 miles an hour, in 3f hours.
Page 86 - How much had each at first ? 3. There is a number consisting of three digits. The sum of the first and second digits exceeds the third by 4.
Page 170 - At what times between 10 and 11 o'clock are the hands of a watch at right angles ? 80. A banker has two kinds of money.
Page 136 - The sum of the digits of a certain number of two figures is 5, and if 3 times the units' digit is added to the number, the order of the digits will be reversed. What is the number? 59. Twice the units...

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