The computator. Being a pocket guide fo the commercial and bankers' clerk

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Page 41 - BILLS OF EXCHANGE ACT. 1882. An Act to Codify the Law Relating to Bills of Exchange, Cheques and Promissory Notes.
Page 42 - A List of all the Private Banks, with the Names and Addresses of each of the Partners, carefully corrected from their own returns. Statement of Branches, and the Names of the Agents. 4. A List of all the Joint-Stock Banks in the United Kingdom with the Dates of their Establishment ; Number of Partners ; Paid-up Capital ; Guarantee Fund ; Fixed Issues ; and List of Branches and Sub-Branches, with the Names of the Managers at each.
Page 32 - Multiply the principal by the rate per cent and divide the product by 100 ; the quotient will be the interest for one year.
Page 36 - TROY WEIGHT. 24 Grains (gr.) make 1 Pennyweight, dwt. 20 Pennyweights " 1 Ounce, oz. 12 Ounces "1 Pound, Ib. M APOTHECARIES
Page 34 - ... to 2os. per week during sickness, ^12 to 24. at death, 6 to 12 at the wife's death. The Benefit Societies connected with the political parties have the following objects: (1) to pay a weekly allowance to members in times of ordinary sickness; (2) to ensure the payment of a sum of money on the death of a member to his or her nominee or representatives ; (3) to make provision for the maintenance of members in old age. These objects are obtained by the voluntary subscriptions of members in...
Page 41 - Act to Codify the Law relating to Bills of Exchange, Cheques, and Promissory Notes. With Comments and Explanatory Notes. By MD CHALMERS, MA, Barrister-at-Law (Draftsman of the Bill).
Page 39 - BANKING, COMMERCIAL, AND OFFICIAL STATIONERS, Contractors with Her Majesty's Government Offices for the Home, Colonial and Indian Services. DUPLEX SECURITY" CHEQUES. In consequence of the numerous and successful frauds recently perpetrated upon Bankers by means of the alteration of the written matter in Cheques...
Page 39 - WATERLOW & SONS Limited have arranged to supply them at about the same price. A specimen Cheque which has been tested with the four best known discharging agents will be supplied upon application. 95 & 96, London Wall, 25, 26 & 27, Great Winchester Street, 49, Parliament Street, Finsbury Stationery...
Page 40 - FIRST-CLASS MONTHLY FINANCIAL PUBLICATION, AND THE RECOGNISED ORGAN OF INTERCOMMUNICATION FOR THE BANKING INTEREST. IT is taken for the use of the officers of the Bank of England, by the principal Private and Joint-Stock Banks, the leading Discount Establishments, public and private, several of the Government Departments, and has a large circulation among English, Foreign and Colonial Banks, Insurance, Financial and Commercial Establishments. As a medium for advertising, it possesses peculiar advantages...
Page 35 - Multiples 10e micrograms = 10a milligrams = 102 centigrams = 10 decigrams = 1 gram = 10~' dekagram = 10~2 hectogram = 10~3 kilogram = 10~4 myriagram = 10~' megagram Avoirdupois Weight (Used Commercially) 27.343 grains = 1 drachm 16 drachms = 1 ounce (oz) = 437.5 grains 16 ounces = 1 pound (Ib) = 7000 grains 28 pounds = 1 quarter (qr) 4 quarters = 1 hundredweight (cwt) = 112 pounds 20 hundredweight = 1 gross or long ton * 2000 pounds = 1 net or short ton (* NOTE. — The long ton is used by the US...

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