A New Treatise on Surveying and Navigation, Theoretical and Practical: With Use of Instruments, Essential Elements of Trigonometry, and the Necessary Tables, for Schools, Colleges, and Practical Surveyors

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Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Company, 1878 - Navigation - 512 pages

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Page 110 - ... 1. The radius into the sine of the middle part is equal to the product of the tangents of the adjacent parts. 2. The radius into the sine of the middle part is equal to the product of the cosines of the opposite parts. These rules are known as Napier's Rules, because they were first given by that distinguished mathematician, who was also the inventor of logarithms. In the application of these equations, the accent may be omitted if tan.
Page 388 - PAYMENT are uniformly cash, and we have but one price. Our prices for instruments are nearly one-third less than those of other makers of established reputation. They are as low as we think instruments of equal quality can be made, and will not be varied from the list given on the previous pages. Remittances may be made by a draft, payable to our order at Troy, Albany, New York, Boston or Philadelphia, which can be procured from Banks or Bankers in almost all of the larger villages. These may be...
Page 390 - NB In the following table, in the last nine columns of each page, where the first or leading figures change from 9's to O's, points or dots are introduced instead of the O's...
Page 119 - THE EDUCATIONAL REPORTER—Full of interesting and valuable Educational information, is published three times a year, bearing date respectively January, May and September, and...
Page 122 - In its preparation two objects were kept constantly in view : First, to furnish a full and complete Series of Text-Books, which should be sufficient to give the pupil a thorough and practical business education ; Second, to secure that intellectual culture without which the mere acquisition of book knowledge is almost worthless. All the improvements of the...
Page 124 - Spherical Triangle the cosine of any side is equal to the product of the cosines of the other two sides, plus the product of the sines of those sides into the cosine of their included angle ; that is, (1) cos a = cos b...
Page 122 - Text-Books, as well as many new and original methods, and practical operations not found in other similar works, have been incorporated into these books, and no labor or expense has been spared to give to the public a clear, scientific, comprehensive and complete system, not incumbered with unnecessary theories, but combining and systematizing real improvements of a practical and useful kind.
Page 388 - ... our bill, together with charges of transportation, and hold the money on deposit until the purchaser shall have had , say two weeks, actual trial of its quality. If not found as represented, he may return the instrument before the expiration of that time, and receive the money paid, in full, including express charges, and direct the instrument to be returned to us. EXTENT OF OUR BUSINESS.
Page 16 - ... the solar lens, o, with the silver plate opposite, are made use of in the surveys. The remainder of the year, the arc is turned from the plates, and the other lens and plate employed.
Page 51 - B to describe a segment of a circle, to contain a given angle C. At the ends of the given line make angles DAB, DBA, each equal to the given angle C. Then draw AE, BE perpendicular to AD, BD ; and with the centre E, and radius EA or EB, describe a circle ; so shall AFB be the segment required, as any angle F made in it will be equal to the given angle C.

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