Chauvenet's Treatise on Elementary Geometry

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J.B. Lippincott, 1888 - Geometry - 322 pages

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Page 201 - Three lines are in harmonical proportion, when the first is to the third, as the difference between the first and second, is to the difference between the second and third ; and the second is called a harmonic mean between the first and third. The expression 'harmonical proportion...
Page 31 - The perpendicular is the shortest line that can be drawn from a point to a straight line. Let PC be the perpendicular, and PD any oblique line, from the point P to the line AB. Then PC < PD. For, produce PC to P', making CP
Page 201 - Words, Facts, and Phrases : A Dictionary of Curious, Quaint, and Out-of-the-Way Matters. By ELIEZER EDWARDS.
Page 120 - Any side of a spherical triangle is less than the sum of the other two.
Page 81 - A truncated triangular prism is equivalent to the sum of three pyramids whose common base is the base of the prism, and whose vertices are the three vertices of the inclined section.
Page 92 - Every point in the bisector of an angle is equally distant from the sides of the angle...
Page 58 - An angle formed by a tangent and a chord is measured by one-half the intercepted arc.

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