Euclide's Elements: The Whole Fifteen Books Compendiously Demonstrated. With Archimedes Theorems of the Sphere and Cylinder, Investigated by the Method of Indivisibles

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W. Redmayne, 1714 - Geometry - 520 pages

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Page 26 - If two triangles have one angle of the one equal to one angle of the other and the sides about these equal angles proportional, the triangles are similar.
Page 406 - ... which, when produced, the perpendicular falls, and the straight line intercepted, without the triangle, between the perpendicular and the obtuse angle. Let ABC be an obtuse-angled triangle, having the obtuse angle ACB, and from the point A let AD be drawn...
Page 269 - A fphere is a folid figure defcribed by the revolution of a i'emicircle about its diameter, which remains unmoved. XV. The axis of a fphere is the fixed ftraight line about which the femicircle revolves. XVI. The centre of a fphere is the fame with that of the femicircle. XVII. The diameter of a fphere is any ftraight line which pafles through the centre, and is terminated both ways by the fuperficies of the fphere.
Page 2 - The radius of a circle is a right line drawn from the centre to the circumference.
Page 1 - Bounds) of a Line, are Points. IV. A Right Line, is that which lietb evenly between its Points.
Page 269 - ... be less than the other side, an obtuse angled ; and if greater, an acute angled cone. XIX. The axis of a cone is the fixed straight line about which the triangle revolves. XX. The base of a cone is the circle described by that side containing the right angle which revolves. XXI. A cylinder is a solid figure described by the revolution of a right angled parallelogram about one of its sides which remains fixed.
Page 26 - ... the fum of the remaining angles of the one triangle equal to the fum of the remaining angles of the other. 3 . If one angle in a triangle be right, the other two are equal to a right-angle.
Page 76 - ... the angular points of the figure about which it is defcribed, each thro' each. III. A rectilineal figure is faid to be infcribed in a circle, when all the angles of the infcribed figure are upon the circumference of the circle.
Page 77 - ... touch the circumference of the circle. IV A right-lined figure is faid to be defcribed about a circle, when all the fides of the figure which is circumfcribed touch the periphery of the circle V.
Page 269 - Right Lines that touch one another, and are •not in the fame Superficies: Or, a folid Angle is that which is contained under more than two plane Angles which are not in the fame Superficies, but being all at one Point.

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