The accomptant's guide, a new system of arithmetic

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Page 104 - To divide by 10, move the decimal point one place to the left. To divide by 100, move the decimal point two places to the left, and so on for other powers of 10.
Page 93 - To divide a whole number by a fraction, — Multiply the dividend by the denominator of the fraction, and divide the product by the numerator.
Page 99 - In like manner for a mixed circulate ; consider it as divisible into its finite and circulating parts, and the same...
Page 171 - NOTE. If there be a remainder after all the periods are brought down, the operation may be continued, at pleasure, by annexing periods of ciphers.
Page 174 - ... the right. 2. Find the greatest cube number, in the left-hand period, and place the root of that number as the first figure of the root sought : subtract the number itself from the said period, and to the remainder bring down the next period for a dividend. 3. Find a divisor by multiplying the square of the part of the root found by 300, divide the dividend by it, and put the quotient figure for the next figure of the root. 4. Multiply the part of the root formerly found by the last figure placed...
Page 6 - Add 2s. 3 4' 5"45s.8 9' 6"44s. 7 8' 31 + lls.27 30' 24"49s. 18 17' 38". 6. Add Is. 27 12' 31" + 8s. 3 33' 31" + 9s. 22 40' 55" 410s. 10 45' 44"40s. 20 55' 15+6s. 15 24' 24". MISCELLANEOUS TABLE. 33 24 sheets of paper make 1 quire.
Page 75 - By balance, 104 8 11 819 8 11 19. Required the interest and the balance due on the following account to the 30th of April 1881, allowing 5 per cent, when the balance is due to the bank, and 3 per cent, when due to Miln : Dr. Thomas Miln in acct.-curt. with the Royal Bank. Cr. Mar. 8. To balance, 240 July 8. To cash, . 222 Oct. 29. To cash, . 432 Dec. 17. To cash, . 651 ANS. Interest, 2, 7s. 2d. June 18. By bill, . 516 Sept. 23. By cash, . 294 Nov. 15. By bill, . 444 Feb. 18. By...
Page 1 - ... own arm, from the extreme end of the longest finger to the middle of the breast, and that the other measures should be raised upon this. The old English pound, which was the legal standard of weight from the time of William the Conqueror to that of Henry VII., was derived from the weight of grains of wheat gathered from the middle of the ear, and well dried...

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