Lessons from Good Language Learners

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Carol Griffiths
Cambridge University Press, Apr 3, 2008 - Foreign Language Study - 324 pages
Inspired by a ground-breaking article by Joan Rubin in 1975 in which she set out to identify the strategies used by successful language learners, this edited collection re-examines the same topic in the light of current thinking and research, considers the implications for language teaching and learning, and looks at some of the questions which are still unresolved. Contents: Editor's Overview (Carol Griffiths) Prologue (Andrew D. Cohen) Reflections (Joan Rubin) SECTION 1 LEARNER VARIABLES Chapter 1 Motivation (Ema Ushioda) Chapter 2 Age (Carol Griffiths) Chapter 3 Style (Carisma Dreyer) Chapter 4 Personality (Madeline Ehrman) Chapter 5 Gender (Martha Nyikos) Chapter 6 Strategies (Carol Griffiths) Chapter 7 Metacognition (Neil Anderson) Chapter 8 Autonomy (Sara Cotterall) Chapter 9 Beliefs (Cynthia White) Chapter 10 Culture (Claudia Finkbeiner) Chapter 11 Aptitude (Leila Ranta) SECTION 2 LEARNING VARIABLES Chapter 12 Vocabulary (Jo Moir & Paul Nation) Chapter 13 Grammar (Margaret Bade) Chapter 14 Functions (Zia Tajeddin) Chapter 15 Pronunciation (Adam Brown) Chapter 16 Listening (Goodith White) Chapter 17 Speaking (Yasushi Kawai) Chapter 18 Reading (Karen Schramm) Chapter 19 Writing (Louise Gordon) Chapter 20 Teaching/learning method (Carol Griffiths) Chapter 21 Strategy instruction (Anna Chamot) Chapter 22 Error correction (Mike Roberts & Carol Griffiths) Chapter 23 Task and good language learners (Joan Rubin & Pat McCoy) The learner's landscape and journey: A summary (Rebecca Oxford and Kyoung Rang Lee).

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