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2. Solve 3x'y'-7= xy, x+4xy

3. Expand by the method of indeterm

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to four terms.

4. Find the seventh term and also the su. number of terms of the geometrical series

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5. The arithmetrical mean of two numbers is i difference is 6.

Find the numbers.

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1, The shadow cast on level ground by a church steeple is 27 meters long: at the same time the shadow cast by a vertical rod 5 feet high is 3 feet long. Find the height of the steeple. (Use logarithms.)

2. Find the area of a sector of 54° of a circle of radius 36 feet.

3. The side of a square is 29.47 inches. Find the side of a square of three times the area. (Use logarithms.)

4. Define the word logarithm and explain why the division of one number by another is performed by the subtraction of their logarithms.

5. The diameter of a circle is 10 inches. Find the length of a chord which is 3 inches from the center.

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