A Treatise on a Box of Instruments and the Slide-rule: For the Use of Gaugers, Engineers, Seamen, and Students

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H.C. Baird, 1852 - Geometrical drawing - 252 pages

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Page 17 - A circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line called the circumference, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center, Fig.
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Page 124 - Multiply the sum of the parallel sides by the perpendicular distance between them, and half the product will be the area.
Page 124 - RULE. — From half the sum of the three sides, subtract each side separately; multiply the half -sum and the three remainders together; the square root of the product is the area.
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Page 226 - The publisher is not aware that in any other work heretofore issued in this country, more space has been devoted to this subject than a single chapter ; and in offering this volume to so large and intelligent a class as American Tanners and Leather Dressers, he feels confident of their substantial support and encouragement.

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