The House of Lords Cases on Appeals and Writs of Error, Claims of Peerage, and Divorces: During the Sessions 1847 [-1866], Volume 1

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Page 44 - ... to the use of CHC for the term of ninety-nine years, if he shall so long live; " remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders; " remainder to the use of the heirs male of the body of...
Page 400 - The defendants must be considered in law as making, during every instant of the time their letter was travelling, the same identical offer to the plaintiffs; and then the contract is completed by the acceptance of it by the latter. Then as to the delay in notifying the acceptance, that arises entirely from the mistake of the defendants, and it therefore must be taken as against them that the plaintiffs' answer was received in course of post.
Page 600 - On the other hand, there may be a valid patent for a new combination of materials previously in use for the same purpose, or for a new method of applying such materials. But, in order to its being effectual, the specification must clearly express that it is in respect of such new combination, or application, and of that only, and not lay claim to the merit of original invention, in the use of the materials.
Page 697 - Majesty is hereby authorized and empowered, if he shall think fit, to grant new letters patent for the said invention for a term not exceeding seven years after the expiration of the first term, any law, custom, or usage to the contrary...
Page 652 - But after full examination of the authorities, we think that in actions of this nature, the declaration ought not merely to state that such scandalous conduct was imputed to the plaintiff in his profession, but also to set forth in what manner it was connected by the speaker with that profession.
Page 581 - ... every year lay an account in writing before the chancellor or speaker, or commissioners for the custody of the great seal of...
Page 635 - The case resolves itself into this question, whether the representation made to the plaintiff was not, in the sense in which we use the term, fraudulent ? I am not apprised of any such decision; but I agree with the Master of the Rolls that, if one party makes a representation which he knows to be false, but the falsehood of which the other party had no means of knowing, this Court will rescind the contract.
Page 4 - We must construe this statute by what appears to have been the intention of the legislature. But we must ascertain that intention from the words of the statute, and not from any general inferences to be drawn from the nature of the objects dealt with by the statute.
Page 673 - CS and his assigns for and during the term of his natural life ; And from and after his decease, To the...
Page 272 - End, 14,000/., and the latter gentleman's family 6,000/. ; and I confirm all other bequests, and give the rest of my property to the executors for their own interest.

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