A tour through Germany, Volume 2

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A. Strahan, 1801 - Germany - 408 pages
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Page 79 - For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the "Word, and the Holy Ghoft ; and thefe three are one.
Page 377 - What o'clock is it? It is one o'clock. It is two o'clock. It is three o'clock. It is four o'clock.
Page 105 - ... of very important prerogatives, which they might exert with much more efficacy than they do, were it not that various circumftances have rendered them too dependant on the emperors. They are ftill the fpeakers in the Electoral College, have the appointment of the diets under the emperors, and may order a re-examination of the proceedings of the imperial courts.
Page 69 - I'll stick by you as long as I have a drop of blood in my body." " Thank you," Hamilton answered with a smile to him ; then taking off his hat and bowing to the people, he said, aloud, " I never turned my back upon my enemy, and certainly will not flee from my friends.
Page 196 - ... seven feet higher than any other criminal. The sentence being pronounced in the secret ban, they were obliged to put it into immediate execution, and not permitted to make the least remonstrance, though they were perfectly convinced that the devoted victim was the best of men, and innocent of the crime alledged against him.
Page 192 - ... or reported to them by creditable persons, and not to suffer any thing created betwixt heaven and earth, to divert them from the execution of their duty. They also bound themselves to promote the Interest of the sacred Roman empire, and to invade the possessions of the masters of the chair and of the free-courts only on legal grounds.
Page 199 - NN been condemned ? the frcc-knights were allowed to reply in the affirmative or negative ; but when he enquired who had been condemned by the secret ban ? they were not permitted to mention any name. The Emperor, or his delegate, could create free-knights no where but on the red soil, ie in Westphaly, with the assistance of three or four free-knights who acted as witnesses.
Page 192 - Sj and not to suffer any thing created created betwixt hoaven and earth to divert them from the execution of their duty. They also bound themselves to promote the interest of the sacred Roman empire, and to invade the possessions of the masters of the chair, and of the free courts, only on legal grounds. .After having taken this oath, they were not permitted to reveal, even to their confessors, the secrets of the tribunal ; and on transgressing this law, though only in the most trifling point, they...
Page 101 - Saxons, who had fo long refiftcd baptifm with their fwords, and fpread the empire of the vicar of Jefus Chrift as far as the northern and eaftern feas. He it was who introduced the Roman liturgy into Germany, and made the favage inhabitants abftain from eating horfe'$ flem.
Page 238 - ... troops did to exift in this country during the laft Silefian war, Bremen is a very rich city, containing about five and twenty thoufand inhabitants. It drives a very large trade for iron, flax, hemp, and linen, with France, England, Spain, and Portugal, and in return takes back other provifions, with which it fupplies Weftphalia and the countries about Hanover, It alfo gets a great deal by...