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Bengal Secretariat Book Depot, 1868 - Education

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Page 425 - If the square described upon one of the sides of a triangle, be equal to the squares described upon the other two sides of it ; the angle contained by these two sides is a right angle.
Page 14 - Combining Proportions by Weight and by Volume. General nature of Acids, Bases, and Salts. Symbols and Nomenclature. The Atmosphere — its constitution : effects of Animal and Vegetable life upon its composition. Combustion. Structure and properties of Flame. Nature and composition of ordinary Fuel. Water. Chemical peculiarities of Natural Waters, such as rain-water, river-water, spring-water, sea-water.
Page 13 - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Algebraical Quantities. Proportion, Arithmetical and Geometrical Progression. Simple Equations. GEOMETRY. — The first four books of Euclid, or the principal properties of Triangles, and of Squares and other Parallelograms, treated geometrically.
Page 14 - Heat : its Sources ; Expansion ; Thermometers —relations between different Scales in common use ; difference between Temperature and Quantity of Heat ; Specific and Latent Heat— Calorimeters ; Liquefaction ; Ebullition ; Evaporation ; Conduction ; Convection ; Radiation.
Page 28 - The Employer shall keep, upon forms to be supplied by the Government, full and complete records of the employment and wages of each worker under this Agreement. Such records shall be at all times open to inspection and examination by the Government, which shall be entitled to make copies thereof.
Page 8 - School, of the value of ,100 per annum, and tenable for five years.
Page 5 - I am directed to request that you will be so good as to...
Page 10 - The Scholarships shall be considered as commencing from the 1st of July following the award of the Examiners: and shall be paid, in quarterly instalments on the first days of October, January, April, and July. 12. Each...
Page 12 - The English Language— Orthography; writing from dictation ; the grammatical structure of the language. Outlines of English History and Modern Geography — history of England to the end of the seventeenth century, with questions in modern geography. The French or the German Language, at the option of the candidate.
Page 11 - Trustees as aforesaid), or if he fail to pass the examination, he shall be considered as having forfeited his claim to the remaining instalment or instalments of his Scholarship.

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